Twisted Ten

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Twisted Ten showed up on camera in November sporting a great framed set of antlers, but with one catch.  He had broken off the end of his main beam during the velvet leaving a twisted end at the break, giving him the name “Twisted Ten” based on what he should have been before the break.





At first glance Twisted Ten looked like a giant 10 point!





With a turn of the head Twisted Ten revealed his twisted broken main beam and an abnormally large abscess on the side of his neck!





The morning of December 1st, Terry of Texas, watched as Twisted Ten made his way across the pasture.  Putting the scope on the buck he determined he was mature and unique and decided to squeeze off a round that dropped Twisted Ten in his tracks!





Just minutes after harvesting Twisted Ten, Terry had a big mature doe come out and decided to finish his morning off by filling his doe tag as well!  Congratulations Terry on a successful Kansas hunt!


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