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Three Okies, Three Days, & Three Big Bucks!

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This past week turned out to be phenomenal for the first week of Muzzleloader Season!  The family from Oklahoma didn’t mess around with putting some great deer in the dirt!  Pennie connected the first night of her hunt, her son, Clint, smoked a big, old, velvet buck the second evening of his hunt, and then Billy made contact the third day of his hunt by shooting the buck we called, “Kicker Nine”!






Kicker Nine made his first appearance in late August.  He lived in a small draw in the middle of nowhere that many hunters may have overlooked.  With no large trees in the area and open pasture surrounding the draw, it doesn’t exactly scream big buck country.





The big framed buck became a regular in front of the camera during August and often times during daylight hours, but as season drew near and the velvet was stripped, he became more and more later until he only showed right on the edge of darkness.





At 7:30 p.m. on Wednesday September 14th, Billy watched the mature buck work his way down the draw, cautiously checking the wind and searching for any signs of danger.  Billy patiently waited as the buck worked into range, became more relaxed, and turned perfectly broadside before making a perfect shot on the big buck.  Due to fast fading light and uncertainty due to the smoke after the shot, we elected to wait until morning before trying to recover the buck.  The next morning the buck was laying only 60 yards away from the shot location!





Congratulations Billy on a stud buck!  It’s exciting when a plan comes together and it works the way we want it too!






What a week for this family from Oklahoma!  Congratulations and we look forward to seeing you again next year!



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