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The Sticker G3 Buck

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November led to many sightings of the Sticker G3 Buck.  Guide Kody Kuhn watched the buck several times from a distance, had the buck run in front of his truck while leaving the property.  His bowhunter watched the buck at 35 yards and was unable to get a shot as he stood behind a cedar and drew on the buck again but decided to not take a farther shot due to the wind.  I watched as this buck rubbed saplings over six hundred yards away while my hunter sat in a box blind with her rifle ready.  The buck was visible, but just wasn’t presenting himself for a hunter to connect.  That all changed as Lugene of Oklahoma sat in a ground blind overlooking a clearing on a cold December morning hoping to catch a glimpse of the Sticker G3 Buck.





Talk about a Picture!  The Sticker G3 Buck showed up on camera in October and continued to remain in the area.




Sporting a heavy 10 point frame with a sticker point on his right G3, this buck easily made the “hit list”!



IMG_6844 Deer Guide, Kody, made the trip to help blood trail the buck and to finally get his hands on the buck that he had been watching all season!  Lugene made a perfect double lung shot and the tracking job was a short one!





IMG_6889Lugene and myself after a successful hunt!





IMG_6862Congratulations Lugene on a beautiful typical whitetail scoring 163″!



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