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The Big Nine

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It was a pleasure to host Mike Harrell with Surrender Outdoors during the opening week of muzzleloader.  Mike wanted to try and harvest a mature buck with a bow and capture it all on camera for his show.  Not an easy task!



The “Big Nine” appeared on camera less than a week after the camera had been out during the first part of August.




The buck seemed to be routinely coming in about every third evening during daylight hours and visiting the site almost every night during all hours of the night.





On the evening of September 13th, a perfect wind came to be able to hunt the location where “Big Nine” inhabited.  Mike and myself crawled into the stand to sit out the warm evening in hopes that he would make an appearance.






Approximately 30 minutes before dark the buck showed, standing in the brush watching as a younger buck approached an opening.  He stayed still in the brush for several minutes (like big bucks often do) before making his way in.  Mike was able to get a shot at the buck and due to concerns the shot may be back, we decided to hold off until the next morning to try and recover the buck.  The shot was back, but due to the buck quartering away the exit wound was perfect and the buck didn’t make it 40 yards from where he was shot.





It was a pleasure to get to tag along and film as this awesome hunt unfolded!  Thanks Mike for allowing me to sit in the stand with you and I’m excited to see this hunt on Surrender Outdoors in 2018!



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