Split 2 Ten

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All season long we had chased after the “Split 2 Ten” only to have him evade us by disappearing or being nocturnal, but December 9th he finally slipped up!





Split 2 Ten showed up very early on camera sporting a beautiful set of velvet antlers.  He seemed to be pretty daytime oriented too, which made him a hit-list buck immediately.





Unfortunately, as time went on, Split 2 Ten became less killable.  Often times he would disappear a few days without a trace making us suspect he may have been killed by another hunter or had moved on to another location.  But he would always come back and make an appearance, usually under the cover of darkness.





On the evening of December the 9th, sitting in an old wooden box blind near the location where Split 2 Ten had frequented in the past, Steve of Texas, spotted the buck off in the distance.  Unsure of what buck it was but knowing he was a shooter, Steve made a perfect shot and Split 2 Ten only made it a short distance.  Congrats Steve on an awesome Kansas whitetail, looking forward to seeing you again next year!




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