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A blurry picture of a big framed buck standing in the distance caught our attention as we checked the camera October 25th. Unfortunately, not much could be distinguished from the deer as he kept his distance from the camera.





On October 31st we checked the camera again with anticipation that the big framed buck would make an appearance again and give us a better look.  Spartan appeared again the night of Oct 26th, earning his name with his head held high and sporting a magnificent typical rack.


With only two nocturnal pictures of the buck and the chance that a hot doe might draw him out into the open during daylight, Jamie of Tennessee sat the stand the morning of November 2nd with hopes of laying eyes on Spartan.





Not only was he able to lay eyes on the buck, but he watched Spartan make a rub, circle downwind of the stand, and jump the fence while keeping his eye on a doe that was keeping him in the area.  The buck eventually made his way within twenty yards of the stand and offered Jamie a perfect shot opportunity.




Jamie arrowed the buck and watched him expire within sight of the stand.  The story of the 174″ buck named Spartan was a short one with not much time elapsing between locating the buck until the shot was made.  This story goes to show that when the time is right, the time is right.  The right doe means the difference between a nocturnal bruiser and a daylight cruiser!  Scent control also played an intricate part as the buck was directly downwind of Jamie twice during the hunt and wasn’t able to pick up his scent.  Congratulations Jamie on a stud buck!

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