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As an outfitter, we stare at thousands and thousands of trail camera pictures of deer starting in July and going through January.  Occasionally a deer will catch our attention as being something special or unique.  Shovel was one of those deer.




Showing up on camera during August sporting a unique set of headgear, “Shovel” received his name from his front tines that resemble the shovels on caribou antlers.





“Shovel” remained in the area throughout the months only to stay under the cover of darkness until November rolled around and an archery hunter was able to get a shot that missed.  Another archery hunter was able to see him from a distance, but the buck would never close the distance.






The evening of November 30th, Clay of Texas, was able to put “Shovel” in his in his scope and put him down.  Like many big bucks do this time of year, though, we noticed that Shovel had lost the very thing that had given him his name.  He had lost three points and about 20 inches of antler.










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