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Second Chances

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Often times in life something goes array and we wish we were able to relive that moment, to get it back.  Many deer hunters are familiar with this feeling saying “Hindsight is 20/20”.  And its so true!  If only I would have drawn my bow when he was here instead of there.  If I would have only shot here and not waited.  If I would have waited instead of shooting where I did.  There are so many what if’s that accompany .


Buddy of Oklahoma had an opportunity to see a great buck the first evening of his hunt.  Unfortunately the buck came out close and in an area where he hadn’t expected the buck to come from and he had the window on the blind closed trying to help control his scent.  Nervous with having the buck so close and trying to open the window to shoot. Buddy opted to stay still until the buck fed off and darkness came.





With a split G2 and a split G3 on his right antler, this buck showed on another property during August about 3/4 mile away from where Buddy was sitting opening day of the muzzleloader season.






Early September, after shedding his velvet, the buck moved from where he had lived through August and set up a new core area on another one of our properties.






Second chances do happen!  The next evening after Buddy had spotted the buck, he sat with hopes the buck would materialize again.  Sure enough the buck came out at a different location near the bean field and offered Buddy a shot.





A well placed shot put the buck down!  Congratulations Buddy on your first Kansas whitetail!  I’m glad we got to be a part of that experience!  Hope to see you back!




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