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Rainy Days & Thunder Chickens!

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The weather doesn’t always permit clear skies and easy hunting, but that didn’t stop our last group from connecting on some big ol’ gobblers!  In fact, the first day of their hunt, we were able to harvest 6 toms!




John, a long time Lil’ Toledo hunter, with his first gobbler!





With thunder rolling in the background and the weather looking a little gloomy the next day, Buck decided to double up and be done early!





Burt & Connie with their guides Kody & Ryan after two successful hunts!





Connie killed her first bird and stuck it out in the blind for another hour to connect on bird number two!  Not to mention a double bearded bird!




Burt with both of his birds!





Trail Cameras have  been invaluable for scouting where turkeys are during the spring, but every once in a while they capture something extra.  This tom is working into a strutter decoy during a rainy day while the hunters are set up in a pop up blind.





And here is the result of that tom that worked into the decoy!





Walter and his son, Cal, doubled up on a rainy afternoon!






With turkeys in the freezer and time to spare, why not do a lil’ catfishing?!

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