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Every turkey season ends with mixed emotions.  It always seems there is the sorrowful emotion that what we love to do has ended again for another year, but along with the end of the season comes the more joyful sentiment of getting to sleep in, the shared memories with hunters from around the nation of sitting in the turkey woods, watching as a strutter enters the field, crawling along the creek bank to ambush the old gobbler that won’t commit, or watching as a hunter harvests their first turkey ever.  Needless to say, turkey hunting seems to be in our DNA.  No matter how many seasons we guide or how many turkeys we watch flop, it never gets old hearing that thundering gobble twelve steps behind the blind that seems to rattle in your own chest and the sound immediately following is that of a wide eyed hunter flipping their safety over to fire as the noise of wing tips dragging the ground is quickly getting closer.  Every quarry and every season has it’s unique features, but turkey season always holds a special place in our hearts.  I’ve collected footage from the past couple of seasons of just a small sample of our hunts at Lil’ Toledo and put them together in the following video.  I hope you enjoy!





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