Ol’ Red!

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Early season is such a special time during the deer season.  You’re hunting whitetails that haven’t been bothered for several months, they’re fairly patternable, and as the testosterone goes up and the velvet is stripped there is a possibility of new deer moving into the area.





“Ol’ Red” as he was known around the lodge showed up early on camera sporting beautiful velvet and an odd disfigurement in his shoulder making him easy to recognize.





He stuck around throughout August and shed his velvet during the first of September, while still remaining a fairly patternable buck.





A pic of Ol’ Red busting does out of the area!  Apparently his shoulder didn’t hinder him too much!





At about 7:00 p.m. on Monday the 12th, Pennie, of Oklahoma, took aim with her muzzleloader and was able to connect, but due to fading light and uncertainty of the shot location we played it safe and pulled out.  The next morning we found him laying within 60 yards of where he was shot.





Pennie posing with her first day buck!  Congratulations Pennie on a great shot and a fantastic buck!



P.S.  The shoulder had what appeared to be a broad head wound from a four blade mechanical broadhead that wasn’t able to penetrate the buck’s shoulder from a previous hunting season.






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