Lucky Break!

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Rifle season is upon us and it’s time to get even with those bucks that have been giving us the slip all archery season.  The ones that have circled down wind of our hunters at 60 – 70 yards and simply turned around and walked off.  Now we can reach out and touch something!


The morning of Nov. 30th, while Josh from Louisiana sat in his deer blind, his guide had spotted a nice buck bedded on a property nearby.  After a quick pick up from the blind and a plan formulated, the two made their way towards the bedded buck belly crawling through grass to close the distance.


After a slow stalk within 100 yards of the buck and a long wait for the buck to stand up and present a shot, Josh squeezed off a round from his .270 and dropped the buck back in his bed.  After walking up on the buck, we realized that it was a deer that we had photographed on another one of our locations over a mile away.








The Split Browed buck showed up on camera on one of our properties during the early season, only making his appearance known and then disappeared without a trace from our lives until November 30th when he was spotted bedded on another one of our properties a mile away from where he was photographed before.




Josh of Louisiana capitalized on the opportunity for a spot and stalk hunt on the bedded buck and made a great shot when the buck stood up out of his bed.  Congrats Josh on a fun first morning hunt and a stud buck!

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