Last Minute Changes Pay Off!

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As many deer hunters know, deer hunting doesn’t always go as we plan.  Weather conditions arise, winds change directions, and neighbors on neighboring properties have other things they wish to get done while you sit in your tree stand or blind listening to all the racket and knowing no deer will show it’s face until all the commotion is gone.

This scenario happened to Brandon of Oklahoma this past week.  A well laid out plan to hunt a specific buck was foiled by a neighbor deciding to do some work on the fence line not more than a couple hundred yards away from our blind location.

A change in plans led to a call to the guide to make a quick extraction and sneak into another location not more than a mile away from the original location.  It felt like a lost cause as we snuck into the new blind location to make the best of the last hour and half of daylight that remained.



The “Extra Beam Buck” had been captured on camera at our new location over the last couple of months.





The “Extra Beam Buck” had been fairly consistent in the area up until the last time that we checked our trail camera.  He actually had been absent on the camera for a few days prior to us getting into the blind.





Some things are meant to be!  After the neighbor caused us to switch locations and not having the “extra beam buck” on camera for the last few days, we didn’t have high hopes, but about 30 minutes before dark he stepped out and Brandon was able to get a shot!





Brandon was able to connect on this deer twice.  Once at about 90 yards and again at 150 yards putting him down for the count!  Brandon’s deer’s extra beam measured just over 14 inches!  In addition to harvesting a great buck, we were able to capture the hunt on camera which will air on “Surrender Outdoors” in 2018!  Congrats on a stud Kansas deer Brandon and we look forward to having you back!



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