Last Chance Buck!

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Billy of Oklahoma set a blind every evening trying to score on a big main framed 10 point that we had named “Boxer”.  Unfortunately as light faded the buck appeared from a timbered creek.  Billy made a hard decision, but the right decision that it was too dark to ethically take a shot at Boxer.  After three more sits on the blind trying to catch up with “Boxer”, Billy decided to move to another location where we had been seeing a great nine point that was more patternable and a little more likely to show during daylight.





The “Old Nine” showed on camera during the 2016 deer season.  We had a hard time getting on this deer as he always eluded our hunters.  Finally on a cold November morning he made an appearance in front of one of our archery hunters.  Unfortunately, the shot placement wasn’t a desirable one and the buck managed to not only survive but was back on camera only days later healthy and still rutting.





Fast forward a few months and in August of 2017 the buck showed back up on camera only a short distance from where we had hunted him in 2016.  He hadn’t gained much more tine length, but had put on some great mass from the past season.




MVI_0939_Moment (2)

The last evening of Billy’s hunt, I was fortunate enough to get to sit in the blind and try to capture the hunt on camera.  Just as we hoped, the “Old Nine” with his horse of a body stepped out on the edge of our clover plot.  He wasn’t difficult to identify with his large body and roman nose doing the old buck swagger across the plot.





Billy waited for the buck to stop before putting the crosshairs on him and squeezing off a round from his muzzleloader.  The “Old Nine” never made it out of the plot.  He piled up not more than 40 yards from where he was shot and the celebration began!  Congrats Billy on a great Kansas whitetail and an old war horse of a deer!  Who knows, maybe “Boxer” will still be around next year!




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