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Fishing Lil’ Toledo

Fishing for Trophy Bass & Catfish

Take a moment to relax and imagine our Lodge overlooking a lazy bend along the peaceful Neosho River. Now add a number of scenic lakes and ponds tucked away among our beautiful prairie settings and lush wooded areas to the picture, and you will soon realize it doesn’t have to be hunting season to experience a great outdoor adventure at Lil’ Toledo Lodge.

Enjoy a variety of outstanding fishing opportunities while staying with us. We offer excellent guided and non-guided fishing adventures with traditional tackle, fly rod, or even bow.

Kansas Bass Fishing  (1)

Savor the relaxing atmosphere while fishing for bass, sunfish, catfish, and other fish in one of our scenic lakes and ponds. And, for exceptional river fishing, there is a boat launch and landing below the Lodge for easy access to the Neosho River. Anglers can enjoy fishing in the river for a variety of game fish such as Channel and Blue catfish, or for sheer excitement, flathead catfish is still king. Monster flatheads weighing 60, 70, and even 80 pounds are still being caught from rivers like the Neosho here in eastern Kansas.

Surrounded by beautiful surroundings, you can choose to spend a half-day on the river in one of our canoes fishing, photographing, swimming, or just sightseeing. Or simply enjoy a private weekend getaway at our Boat House or Lake House where you can fish at will with no additional charge.

Fishing Cost


Fishing Per Person for 1 Day  – $50

*Customers must supply their own boat

*No Boats are available for rent

*Local Pond Fishing Is Included In Lodging Prices

Spending a little time in the wild is an experience you’ll remember for a lifetime, and we at Lil’ Toledo Lodge invite you to set aside and enjoy some of that precious time in the wild with us.

Hank Parker