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Florida Boys Come to Kansas for Vacation?

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The title sounds a little backwards, doesn’t it.  Most people would try to escape the cold to head to the warm temperatures of Florida for vacation, but a couple of Florida boys made their way to Kansas to try their hand at harvesting a big Kansas Whitetail.


Casey sat in the stand a total of 3 days and passed on some great mature bucks the first two days saying he wasn’t ready for the fun to be over yet.





Split brow was a beautiful whitetail that showed in early October on a property surrounded by crop ground.






Like mature bucks will often do during this time of year, Split Brow busted off his G3 probably fighting with another buck in the area.






IMG_4364 copy

On day three it all came together as a great buck came in close to last light and presented a perfect shot opportunity.  Casey made a perfect shot and a short blood trail later led to a great first Kansas buck!  Congrats Casey on a great deer and we look forward to seeing you again next year!  Enjoy the warm weather in Florida!




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