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Double the Turkeys, Double the Fun!

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What’s better than putting the smack down on a big ol’ gobbler?!  Putting the smack down on two big ol’ gobblers!



This past week has been phenomenal for doubling up on birds.






Caught this bird out on one of our properties displaying for the ladies!






Gus connected on this bird after his guide, Brent, used a fan to bring him on in!






Dickie and myself caught these birds working into an old home site and we decided to be the welcoming committee when they got there!






Jason & his guide Shayne doubled up on the first morning!






Tom was able to score on two limbhangers when his guide, Kody, used a couple of different methods to harvest the two birds!






Eric with his second bird of the day!  His guide, Hunter, made a lil’ sweet calls to entice him to their blind!




So far we’ve had great success & hope to keep it up for the rest of the season!  We’ll keep you updated as we continue on through Lil’ Toledo’s 2016 turkey season!




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