A Beautiful Eight Takes a Ride To Texas!

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November 12th was a good day to be in the deer woods as things began to heat up for the hunters that were in camp at the time.  The group had sat for three days without having the chance to sling an arrow, but Nov. 12th the flood gates opened with four arrows leaving their positions on their rests to make their way towards their targets!



Kent of Texas watched a big heavy eight chase a doe around his location and was later able to grunt the deer in for a perfect shot.





As November often does, it brings about changes in the deer woods with new deer showing up that we had never captured on camera.  We only had one picture of this deer on our trail camera before Kent made sure we wouldn’t have another!






Kent made a perfect shot with the buck not going more than 50 yards.  Congratulations Kent on a big mature Kansas whitetail!

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