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5 Hunters, 10 Turkeys, 16 Hours!

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Turkey season is still happening here in Kansas and we’re still having phenomenal success this season!  Our last group wasn’t able to get in until late due to some poor weather not permitting them to fly in, so they missed their first morning of hunting.  That didn’t stop all but one of the 5 hunters from tagging out the first afternoon!  And hunter number 5 connected first thing the next morning!



Guy White

Guy and his guide, Kody, got it done within a couple of hours of being in the turkey woods!








Jay Keegan

Jay, with his two birds from two different properties within 3 hours of getting off the plane.  His last gobbler came over 250 yards across a wide open field with a lil’ help from the fan.  He ended up shooting the bird at 29 yards!





Charlie White

Mr. White was able to line two up to get them both in one shot to double up on his first afternoon in Kansas!






B.B. and his guide, Ryan, stuck it out to catch these two birds coming back to a gathering site before heading to roost!





And Jim connected with his second bird the next morning after a short hunt to tag all 5 hunters within a 16 hour time span!





So what do you do when you’re all tagged out and the shotguns are cleaned?  Head to the river with guide, Kody, to try and catch supper!





B.B., Kody, & Jay after a successful morning outing on the river!

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