Another One Hits the Ground!

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Jeff of Texas sat three days in the tree stand with little activity.  After a morning sit and previous obligations to head for home the following morning it looked as though it would be Kansas Tag Soup.  With one afternoon remaining and a Hail Mary plan, Jeff crawled into a stand on a different property at about 11:45 a.m.  After being dropped off, it wasn’t 15 minutes and he spotted bucks chasing does through the timber.






Just so happens that one of those bucks chasing the doe was a big eight with “trash” on his bases that we had captured on a trail camera close to a mile away at one of our other locations.





Jeff used his grunt call and was able to bring the buck into range.  A perfect shot was made and a short tracking job later, Jeff’s gnarly Kansas buck laid piled up!






 Congratulations Jeff on an old, gnarly Kansas whitetail!




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